D E N I S   B E H N K E

DENIS BEHNKE is working as a freelance Visual Effects Supervisor/Consultant for feature film- and tv-production companies.

For more than 20 years of experience and over 80 films his name is associate with some of the biggest movie productions in Germany.

Please take a look at his filmographie here or at IMDb.


His profession includes the advisory and creative influence in the planning of visual concepts and the realization of conventional and digital effects (CGI).

During the pre-production of a project several solution possibilities for the effects are developed. The supervisor recommends the production a selection of companies who will be responsible for the technical creation of the effects in question. He supervises each step of the realization and coordinates all the necessary techniques during the shooting on the set.

During the post-production the VFX Supervisor controls and optimizes the transfer of the original storyboard idea up to the finished shot in the movie. He is an important asset to ensure the Director´s vision is realized on time and on budget.